ATLANTA -- It's a summer tradition: kids drinking from the garden hose. A new study shows toxins could be in that water.

11Alive News caught up with Sue Anthony unloading her minivan at Piedmont Park. At her household, the hose water is already off limits. "My mother told me about the study that said it's poisonous now to drink out of the hose because of the lead," she said.


The study she's talking about it from the Ecology Center out of Ann Arbor, Michigan. They tested garden tools, including hoses and hose water. Here's what they found:

*70% of hoses had chemical levels of "high concern"
*30% contained lead over 100 ppm, the standard for children's toys
*BPA levels in the hose water were20 times higher than the level considered safe in drinking water

Anthony said her kids aren't really tempted to drink from the hose, but if yours are, you can pick up a new version.

Manufacturers now make hoses that are certified drinking water safe. Look for that designation or labels that read "lead free", "bacteria and mold inhibitor", and "BPA free". They cost$2 to$5 more than comparable hoses.

That's good forsports teams and running groups. They often fill large water jugs with hose water, since they're too big to fit in the sink.

If you'd prefer to stick with your old hose, the study suggests letting the water run for a few seconds before drinking, since the water sitting in the hose will have the highest levels of chemicals. Also, store it in the shade. When your hose sits in the sun, it's more likely to leach chemicals into the water.

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