ATLANTA -- We've all done it -- called in sick to work with a phony excuse.

CareerBuilder.comsurveyed nearly 6,500 workers and employersabout the strangestreasons for skipping work.

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Of those surveyed, 34% saidthey just didn't feel like going, 29% admitted they needed to relax and 22% called in for a doctor's appointment.

Sixteen percent of people said they skipped work to catch up on sleep, and 15% played hooky to run errands.

Some excuses were just bizarre. One worker was upset after watching "The Hunger Games."Another gotatoestuck in a faucet. Another's hair coloring job went wrong.

Workers shouldbe careful when calling in sick when they really aren't. According to the survey, 17% of employers have fired workers for giving phony excuses. About 30% of employers also said they have checked up on supposedly sick employees by either calling them or requesting a doctor's note.

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