SHARPSBURG, Ga. -- Coweta County Firefighter Frank Jones has been fighting fires for 22 years. After all the years of training he has had he was called on Wednesday to save a life. It happened while he was off duty, on his way to work.

Jones was driving on Highway 54 in Sharpsburg when something peaked his fire fighting instincts. "I saw light smoke and when I got a little closer to the house, I saw flames about fifty-sixty feet in the air," he said.

Jones said he saw a car in the driveway and assumed someone was in the home. But when he looked in the windows he could only see smoke. "So I kicked the door in and as soon as I kicked it in the smoke cleared and I saw her feet right in the door going into the dining room," he said.

Deborah Pate, 40, of Sharpsburg was lying on the floor. It looked like she was overcome by smoke while trying to get out of the house. She was unresponsive. "I just grabbed her by the ankles and dragged her out to the porch," he said.

A neighbor helped carry her out to the front yard where Jones started CPR. He continued working on her until an ambulance arrived and took her to the hospital. "I kept asking how was she doing and they told me a few minutes later that they got a pulse and that made me feel better," Jones said.

"I feel great, but I would like to see that she gets better," Jones said.

Coweta County Fire DepartmentDeputy Chief Todd Moore said Pate is in critical condition at Piedmont Newnan Hospital fighting for her life. "He gave her the only chance that she did have to live," he said. "Without Frank's efforts she would have had no chance of surviving."

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