UPDATE -- 6/14/12

After recording a tire blowout on camera caused by the jagged edge of a storm drain, Commuter Dude quickly contacted the Georgia D.O.T.

The department responded right away, but their first effort to resolve the problem was unsuccessful. So, Dude got back on the phone to get the results drivers needed. And it worked.


On Thursday, 11Alive viewer Ken Kraften contacted Commuter Dude to help fix a jagged storm drain that was popping people's tires.

So, Dude drove down to Moreland Ave at Fairview Road to take a look. While recording video of the hazard, a taxi cab driver clipped the storm drain and his tire immediately blew.

The force from the release of air inside the tire propelled foliage directly in to the camera lens. Commuter Dude quickly alerted the Georgia D.O.T. to try and get the problem fixed.

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