ATLANTA -- More than 900 of you havesigned a petition telling us that parking in the City of Atlanta needs to be improved.

We've listened and taken your concerns to city leaders, who arenow consideringadopting11Alive's ParkingBill of Rights.

It calls for working, easy to use meters, clearly marked parking spaces and clear, understandable signs.

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On Thursday, the Parking subcommittee of the city council's larger Transportation committee met to discuss the bill.

The last time the Transportation Committeemet, Public Works Director Richard Mendoza committed to surveying all the parking issues in Atlanta.

Reporting back on Thursday, he said none of the city's parking meters are currently broken.

However, 82 problems were identified with parking signagecitywide. He said most of those signs fall within the city's jurisdiction and would be repaired within 30 days.

Mendoza said Public Works hadn't yethadthe chanceto check all of the 1,400parking spacesregulated by PARKatlanta, to make sure they were clearly marked with stenciling, but that he would be able to report on that at next week's Transportation committee meeting.

Following his report, the floor was opened to comments from the public.

Only one person spoke and took the opportunity to praise PARKatlanta. Richard Miller, who owns Miller's Rexall on Broad Street in Southwest Atlanta, said regulating the five parking spaces in front of his store has helpedhis customers. Headded thatthe meters are easy to use for anyone whotakes the time toread directions.

The meeting was adjourned without further action other thansending the Parking Bill of Rights back to the larger Transportation committee.

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