UPDATE: October 10, 2012

After months of waiting and dealing with endless construction crews, 11Alive viewer Nikki Garmany is delighted with the results of striping and repaving on Perimeter Center East across from Perimeter Mall. Nikki, who first contacted 11Alive last October, says the results have been well worth the wait.

UPDATE: February 10, 2012

Several months ago, Dunwoody driver Nikki Garmany contacted Commuter Dude for help with lane striping on Perimeter Center East, across from Perimeter Mall. She was concerned because drivers were having frequent near misses because lane assignments were unclear. Commuter Dude asked the City of Dunwoody to re-stripe the road, but they declined. Instead, they offered something better.

October 21, 2011

Nikki Garmany is tired of being squeezed off the road on Perimeter Center East in Dunwoody. The problem is that the lane markings there have disappeared over time, so drivers frequently edge other vehicles off the road. What's curious, is that the City of Dunwoody recently painted a turn lane nearby, but for some reason, didn't re-stripe the main portion of the street. Nikki would like to see that changed. And so would we.

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