SANDY SPRINGS, Ga – Some drivers are celebrating as a hated four-way-stop is on Johnson Ferry Road going away.

It was Kimberly Cox who first expressed her irritation and hatred to Commuter Dude in late 2013. She says the email from Commuter Dude informing her of the change made her scream.

"Despite this weather, this is the greatest day of my life," said Kimberly while standing in the rain.

The four-way-stop went up at Johnson Ferry and Wright Road during a construction project that ended long ago. Commuters complained about traffic that backed up for at least a half-mile, a problem that didn't exist before their arrival. Nearby homeowners praised an easier drive out of their neighborhoods.

Commuter Dude asked drivers to send their comments, and dozens responded. Those comments went to the city of Sandy Springs, and after several months of study, the city council decided the stops signs will be replaced by traffic lights.

City spokeswoman Sharon Kraun says they will be smart lights that will use sensors to adjust to the level of congestion.

"It will adjust to the flow to keep the traffic moving, and allow the neighborhood to get into the flow of traffic," said Kraun.

Kraun estimates the lights will be up sometime during the summer.

As for those stop signs, Kimberly Cox has a plan.

"A bonfire," said Cox. "I never want to see them ever again."

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