OCALA, Fla. -- A customer at an Ocala, Florida Internet cafe stopped a stick-up by shooting one of the suspected robbers.

Investigators said the customer sprang into action when two armed men burst into the Palms Internet Cafe on Friday night.

One of the men had a gun and the other was armed with a baseball bat.

The two apparently demanded money from the 30 people inside, according to officers.

But one of the customers decided to fight back.

"This guy kept popping. He didn't stop. He just kept popping. I think he shot both of them and then they managed to get out of the door and started scrambling out the door, but we were so shocked," customer Neville Allison said. "We couldn't hardly move."

Police said the customer was 71-year-old Samuel Williams who fired his gun at the robbers and then chased them out of the door.

The suspects ran out the door after they were shot.

Investigators tracked them down at Shands Hospital.

One of the suspects, Davis Dawkins, 19, told investigators that he was forced to participate in the robbery.

He used to work at the cafe.

The other suspect, Duwayne Henderson, 19, is still in the hospital.

The two face attempted armed burglary charges.

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