PASCO COUNTY, Fla. -- All will be revealed this week as the Tampa area plays host to the 81st annual American Association of Nude Recreation Convention.

The gathering of about 200 body worshipers may seem insignificant compared to the throngs expected in Tampa for the Republican National Convention later this month. But reports that size doesn't matter at Lake Como, the resort hosting the nudists.

"I don't think we've really paid attention to the (GOP) convention, because our heads are so into the AANR convention right now," Arlene Reed, special events director for the Lake Como resort, tells WTSP.

Like the RNC, this group will listen to a keynote speaker and nominate someone for president. But WTSP notes that nudist convention leaders gather for high-level decision-making at places called the "Bare Buns Cafe" and the "Butt Hutt." Convention activities include tennis, volleyball, horseshoes and even something called pickleball.

Nudists say you can expect them to look you straight in the eye. It keeps things less awkward, apparently. "I've never seen so many people with such beautiful eyes, because you find yourself making eye contact most of the time," Mark Hammond of Michigan tells WTSP.

Bev Price of Arizona says you won't find more content conventioneers anywhere. "It's relaxing. It's comfortable. It's natural," Price says.

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