(WXIA) --Target Australia is under fire from consumers in that country for selling clothes for young girls that they say make the youngsters look like hookers.

The retailer -- not directly related to the North American retailer by the same name (the Australian retailer licensed the name from"our"Target) -- recently startedselling shorts for young girls that upset consumers across Australia. The offended customers took to theTarget Australia Facebook page to express their outrage.

Elisabeth Larsen posted, "I can't stand the sexualized clothing sold in Target (and other stores) for girls. I find it disturbing, sad and offensive and would never buy it. Thank you."

Min Tamsitt echoed the sentiments: "As a grandma and a shareholder in this company I was rather shocked when I saw the short shorts," she posted. "Target, I feel, like any other retailer of children's garments, has a responsibility to the community in general to produce clothing suitable and not suggestive, especially for this young age group."

Target posted a response to offended consumers on page, saying, "We want you to know we are listening to all of your continued feedback and are taking all of your opinions on board. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts."

Some posters on the Target Facebook page are taking some of the outraged parents to task, insisting that if they don't want to buy the offending clothes, then they have the option to shop elsewhere.

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