(USA Today) -- Maybe Nike is being distasteful. Maybe Nike is being clever. No matter where you fall in the conversation, one thing is certain: Nike is making people talk.

A new women's T-shirt with gold lettering that reads "GOLD DIGGING," is the latest ripple in the water. It should be noted that 29 of the United States' 46 gold medals were won by women. Is Nike's attempt to be edgy coming at the price of being sexist?

"Nike has consistently supported female athletes and the position they enjoy as positive role models," Nike said in a statement. "The T-shirt uses a phrase in an ironic way that is relevant given it was released just as the world focused on the success of female athletes."

Nike thinks it's being ironic. Considering the second half of the entendre insinuates female Olympians are also chasing rich men, the criticism is understandable. The shirt is also only available to women, which leads some to wonder if Nike believes only women are gold diggers.

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