(WXIA) -- Most people are familiar with Starbucks' most expensive coffee, the Jamaica Blue Mountain at $4.50 for a tall, or $30 for a half-pound of beans. The coffee retailer has upped the ante in time for Christmas.

Starbucks is bringing out a new premium coffee - Costa Rica Finca Palmilera - at $6 for a tall or $7 for a grande. For those of wanting to take home a bag, get ready to shell out a whopping $40 for a half-pound of coffee beans. The coffee is grown from an heirloom, hard to find, hard to grow variety of coffee called Geisha.

Oh - to find it, coffee conisseurs will have totrack down a Starbucks location with a Clover machine in the Pacific Northwest. The rest of the masses around the nation will get in on the secret next year when Starbucks plans to offer the new Costa Rica Finca Palmilera blend nationwide.

A column in the Seattle Post-Intelligencertalks about the finer points of coffee tasting when it comes to the Geisha coffee and points out that an online offering of a version of the coffee from Starbucks (their Starbucks Reserve Costa Rica Tarrazu Geisha blend) sold out in less than 24 hours. Starbucks notes on the online sales page for the blend that the $40 bags are so rare that only 450 of them were roasted and sold, and that "each bag is numbered."

Is it worth it? To those who get deep into the differences between coffee varieties, probably. To the rest - those who get by on a hot cup of Waffle House joe - probably not.

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