(WXIA) - In this time of basketball brackets from the upcoming March Madness, Religion News Service has posted their own version of March Madness in advance of the Papal Conclave to select the next Pope.

Titled"March Madness Vatican Edition: Sweet Sistine," it lists the most likely candidates named for the papacy in bracket form. And in true March Madness style, it pits the candidates against each other by region.

Each of the names listed are among those thought to be most likely to become the next pope.

The North America region includes American cardinals Timothy Dolan and Sean O'Malley, Canadian cardinal Marc Ouellet and Norbert Rivera Carrera from Mexico.

The European bracket has Peter Erdo from Hungary, Christoph Schoenborn from Austria, and two Italian cardinals - Gianfranco Ravasi and Angelo Scola.

The African/Asian bracket includes John Onaiyekan from Nigeria, Robert Sarah from Guinea, Luis Antonio Tagle from the Philippines and Peter Turkson from Ghana.

The South American region includes Joao Braz de Aviz from Brazil, Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga from Honduras, Argentina's Leonardo Sandri and Odilo Pedro Scherer from Brazil.

You can vote for your favorite papal candidate on the Religion News Service's website.

Pope Benedict XVI formally steps down from his position on Thursday. The Conclave is expected to begin within the following few days.

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