(WXIA) - After video of a mid-air "Harlem Shake" dance went viral, Federal Aviation Administration officials said they were starting an inquiry into the incident. Aviation experts told a San Diego television station that the incident may have put the entire plane in jeopardy.

The Colorado College Ultimate Frisbee team was on board Frontier Airlines flight 157 from Colorado Springs to San Diego when the incident was taped.

In the incident, as with other "Harlem Shake" videos that have populated the Internet over the past few months, first one person is dancing by himself in time to the music playing. After about 15 seconds, the video cuts and then most people on the plane are up and dancing.

A Frontier Airlines spokespersontold San Diego television station KGTV that the seatbelt sign was off at the time and that all proper safety measures had been taken.

In a report on KGTV, aviation expert Glen Winn said that with all the movement among the passengers on the plane, the pilots could have potentially lost control of the aircraft.

"It's evident to me that one, the crew lost control in the cabin," Winn told KGTV. "I'm just amazed the crew let this happen."

According to the Associated Press, Colorado College sophomore Matt Zelin told his campus newspaper that he had asked permission from a flight attendant before the incident took place.

FAA spokesman Allen Kenitzer said the agency is looking at when in the flight the dance occurred.

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