JACKSONVILLE, NC -- Authorities in Jacksonville, NC shot and killed a 12-foot long alligator that ate an 80-pound dog Tuesday night.

Eastern North Carolina NBC station WITN said a woman was walking her Siberian husky, which they said was not on a leash near Mill Creek, when the alligator attacked. Authorities said the woman was not hurt in the incident.

According to wildlife officers, the alligator was about 12.2-feet long and most likely around 50-years-old.

Police told WITN they found the alligator at about midday Wednesday with remnants of the dog in its mouth. Officers said that after consulting with state wildlife officials, officers were given the go-ahead to shoot the alligator, due to its size.

Officers shot the alligator three times, and later recovered the reptile's body.

Authorities advised local residents not to feed animals, because the animals congregating for food become an attractive meal for alligators in the area. Local officials said they had even received reports of people feeding alligators in the area, which would entice even more of the reptiles to visit the area.

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