(USA Today) -- US Airways has apologized after mistakenly tweeting an extremely graphic pornographic image to one of its followers, but no one is going to lose a job because of the mistake.

The Monday incident made US Airways a trending topic on Twitter, bringing the carrier unwanted publicity while some wondered aloud where the gaffe ranked among social-media mistakes by a mainstream corporate brand.

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But US Airways — which is now part of American as those carriers continue on their merger — is showing some heart to the employee who mistakenly sent the image.

When asked by The Washington Post if any employee would be punished or terminated because of the incident, American spokesman Matt Miller responded: "No, absolutely not. It was an honest mistake."

The company says it all began when a Twitter user posted the graphic image on its Twitter feed. Then, an employee flagged the image for removal. But, in replying to another customer, the image was accidentally included as part of US Airways' reply.

US Airways repeated its remorse for the mistake.

"First and foremost, we apologize," Miller says to the New York Daily News, reiterating the company's statements immediately following the mistake.

"We are in the midst of reviewing our processes but for the most part we have an understanding of what happened and how to ensure how it won't happen in the future," he adds to the Daily News.

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