ATLANTA--Despite the political posturing, in just days, millions of Americans will start signing up for Obamacare.

They will go to, making it one of the most viewed websites on the internet.

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Targeted at the top of the list to get coverage are the uninsured like Daniel Mueller.

"I am still worried as a first time insured myself that I will go to the right policy and all the benefits I need with a package I can afford. I am glad to hear that there will be people who can help walk me through that process," he said.

Groups like Enroll America are working around the clock to educate the 78% who don't understand the plan.

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They are meeting with uninsured people and walking them through the website, how to sign up and how to shop for plans.

"You can actually set up your account so that you are all set to get started next Tuesday," said Dante McKay of Enroll America, Atlanta.

Next Tuesday all the specifics will be posted on

For Georgia, 5 insurance carriers will offer plans ranging from bronze to platinum.

A basic plan for a 45 year old will start at $216.

"For those that are computer savvy you can go online to the marketplace. For those not so computer savvy or like the personal touch, they can have a navigator meet them in the community or they can go to one of the offices of the navigators," McKay said.

Also signing up for coverage will be small business owners.

For them the savings can be significant

"35% tax credits and it is retroactive to 2010 which is the time I started my small business," said Ted Terry, an Atlanta small business owner.

You can sign up through March, but if you do it next week, your coverage starts January first.

Be sure to check out our special resource page Understanding Obamacare for more detail.

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