Metro Atlanta is headed for the coldest temperatures in the region since 1996. 11Alive has gathered information from experts in our area to help you with last minute preparations:


  • In the morning, open curtains to allow the sun to naturally heat your home, and close them at night (Atlanta Gas Light)
  • Move furniture, drapes, rugs, and toys from blocking heating vents (Atlanta Gas Light)
  • Keep thermostat at 70 degrees, a warmer home means warmer pipes (Casteel Heating and Cooling)
  • Check filters and batteries. New electronic thermostats will not work without batteries. If the batteries die, your heat goes out. (Casteel Heating and Air)
  • Leave faucets dripping if pipes are on exterior walls. If you have a hot and cold faucet, leave both dripping. If you have one, leave it in the middle on lukewarm water. (Mr. Plumber)
  • If you don't have access to insulated boxes to put around outside faucets you can use rags, jeans, or towels (Mr. Plumber)
  • Leave cabinets with plumbing open to allow heat inside (Casteel Heating and Air)
  • If you have a basement, turn on your basement system to heat floor and pipes (Casteel Heating and Air)


  • Check your battery. New cars put a greater demand on car batteries because they continue to draw power after your car is off (AAA).
  • Make sure your radiator liquid is at least 50% anti-freeze in your radiator. Too much water will cause the fluid to freeze and crack your motor (AAA).
  • When low tire pressure meets cold roads, tires will slip. Cold weather can sap 5 to 7 pounds of pressure from your tires (AAA).
  • Make sure your phone is fully charged and there's a blanket in your car in case you get stranded (AAA).


  • Bring pets inside. Exposed skin on noses, ears, and paw pads can quickly freeze. Keep pets indoors except when taken outside for short periods of time. (Humane Society)
  • Be careful with cats, wildlife and cars. Warm engines attract animals trying to stay warm. Bang on your car's hood before starting it. (Humane Society)

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