(WXIA) - Published reports in Virginia Beach indicate that officials from Comcast are proposing the construction of a new arena to house the NBA's Sacramento Kings.

According to a Thursday report from The Hampton Roads Business Journal, a deal between the Maloof family, owners of the team and the city of Sacramento for a new arena fell apart three months ago. The owners were reportedly looking for a new home for the Kings.

The article said Comcast would guarantee a 25-year lease on a new sports arena, along with naming and broadcast rights.

Officials from Comcast are set to meet with Virginia Beach city officials to discuss the matter Tuesday.

If the team were to move, Virginia Beach would mark their fifth home town change since forming in 1945 as the Rochester Royals in the old National Basketball League. In 1957, the Royals moved to Cincinnati. From 1972-to-75, the team operated as the Kansas City-Omaha Kings, splitting home dates between the two cities. They settled on Kansas City as a home until 1985 when they moved west to Sacramento.

A move for the franchise has been expected for a long period of time, with the team going as far as trademarking the name Anaheim Royals for an anticipated move to southern California in 2011. Early in 2012, a tentative deal was struck between the Maloof family and the city of Sacramento to build a new arena, however, by April that deal fell apart.

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