(WXIA) -- Universityof Georgia and Florida students are making their way down Interstate 75 to Jacksonville for one of the biggest games of the season.

Formerly known as the"World Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party", the "War of the Oar" was renamed in 2006 due to it's implied connection with student's drinking and driving.

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Earlier this week, Georgia students paraded the new oar shaped trophy around the campus for it's last time, pending the outcome of Saturday's game. Thegiantoar which is carved out of a Cypress Tree from the Okeefenokee Swamp has become symbolic of thistraditionalmatch-up.

According to accounts, the 'oar' represents settlers from Georgia and Florida who ventured into the swamp to establish the GA/FLA border. And the game is a 100-yardnod for the battle but this time it's not turf, not borders.

The "War of the Oar" trophy has rested in Athens since last October. Cheer on your Georgia Bulldogs or your Florida Gators as they fight for the trophy, this weekend.

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