The 2012 London Olympics were the most watched event in TV history. Nielsen ratings reported 219.4 million Americans tuned in for the Summer Olympic games last year. The fervor is starting 100 days out from the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

PHOTOS | 100 Days to Sochi Olympics

There are still a lot of questions about the Russian Olympics:

Will protests over the Russian stance on gays take center stage?

Will the half-finished hotels, roads, and venues finish in time?

Will this week's suicide bomb influence security?

Will the weather cooperate?

The venue manager, Andrey Markov, is making promises: "We can guarentee there will be snow," he said, despite this week's balmy weather. Vast repositories of snow have been gathered across the mountain venues.

Atlanta fans will have a taste of the Olympics without the trip to Russia. This week, the USOC announced Atlanta is on its road to Sochi tour. The interactive sports event will set up at Atlantic Station January 25th & 26th. Visitors will be able to test their skills with a curling strip and a hockey slap shot test. They can pose for photos in some Olympic-theme venues and test out a cross-country ski course.

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