(NBC Sports) -- It's been a strange week for Falcons receiver Roddy White.

The saga began when White told a fan on Twitter that, if Mercer bears Duke in the NCAA men's basketball tournament, White would give the fan season tickets in the first row on the 50 yard line.

Then, after Mercer indeed beat Duke, White welshed. And White absorbed plenty of criticism and negative P.R. for not making good on his word.

Suddenly, White has had a change of heart. He took to Twitter within the past two hours to commit to a pair of season tickets, and then some. White also will give the fan a pair of Super Bowl tickets, pregame sideline passes to a game, and a day at training camp as White's guest.

It's unclear why or how White decided days after the fact to do the right thing. But he has, plus more.

Here's hoping that he'll be applauded as loudly as he was criticized. Then again, White could have avoided any and all criticism by making good on his vow without being tried and convicted in the court of public opinion.

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