SOCHI, RUSSIA -- The flame is lit, and the energy is up at Olympic Park. While it's not crowded, there are crowds watching performers, musicians, dancers and small shows in the area.

And, that's exactly how Atlantan Beverly Carey planned it to be.

"I always knew that we were going to be fine, in terms of athletes and sports," Carey said. "And, the rest we would solve as we go along the way. There's always some glitches in the beginning, but it's up and running now."

Carey, a graduate of Parkview High School in Gwinnett County, has a unique job. She's like a wedding planner, except for the Olympics.

"In a wedding, you've got all kinds of moving parts. You've got families that are coming together, you've got caterers, and, you know, priests, and ministers, and all these things that have to happen and be well-coordinated for one moment that everybody's going to see. And, that's exactly what the Olympics is."

Carey lived in Russia for a year and a half to get ready for this moment. This is what she does. She works with local organizing committees to make Olympic magic, then she moves on to the next Olympics. So far, she's worked on games in Salt Lake City, Athens, Torino, Beijing, Vancouver, London and now Sochi.

Carey says, despite the unforgettable moments and scenery, she does miss Georgia, and southern cooking.

"I love Atlanta. It's home to me."

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