ATLANTA --- A member of Olympic ice skater Gracie Gold's team is right here in Georgia.

Former ice skater Brad Griffies is the designer of a costume that Gold will wear in her Olympic debut.

"Being a skater myself, I never quite got to the level of the Olympics. So when you see someone skating in your costume, it kind of makes you feel're part of that," Griffies said.

The 31-year-old designer put aside his Olympic dreams in his late teens and turned his attention to designing costumes for his friends and former competitors. He has outfitted ice skaters in the past four Olympics.

"There came a time when I didn't have the passion to skate anymore, but I was really enjoying designing for everybody," Griffies said.

Each custom design is a labor of love. It can take up to 40 hours to complete the intricate, hand-beaded design.

Griffies says he takes satisfaction in knowing skaters like Gold will shine in their moment in the Olympic spotlight.

In addition to his custom work, Griffies also has a line of made-to-wear costumes for up-and-coming skaters.

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