SOCHIE-- 11Alive's Jaye Watson met T.J. Oshie as he made his way to the Today Show outside the Bolshoy Ice Dome. It's the place where he went from being a hockey player to a hero and a household name.

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In a thrilling game between the two teams, 28-year-old Oshie will be forever known as the man who won it for the U.S.A. He'll be known for his shootout prowess. He buried four goals in six attempts including the game winner. Oshie says he didn't know he'd be tapped again and again.

"I had a feeling I'd be going again. I didn't know that I'd keep going. We got a lot of very good shooters on our team who could shoot."

Despite the hype. this was no miracle on ice. The Cold War is over, all the players are professionals, and back in the U.S. most of them play against and alongside each other.

"How big is the U.S./Russia rivalry, 34 years after that game, for you guys?" Watson asked Oshiw.

"I think we're two teams that are good contenders. It's exciting and fun to be a part of," Oshie said.

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