Talking Angela has been searched more than 50,000 times on Google in 48 hours. If you don't have kids, maybe you've never heard of the app, but it is huge.

A cartoon cat chats with you and mimics your mannerisms. The free app incites you to buy gifts for the cat, but you can turn on child mode to avoid charging up the bill.

The developer, OutFit 7 has a series of these talking animal apps with 230 million active monthly users. That's more than Twitter, so when rumors started flying again this week that the app was dangerous for your kids, those rumors became became almost as popular.

People were sharing them on Facebook just in case, saying the app asked personal questions and activated the camera without permission, some even going as far to say it was a front for a pedophile ring.

It prompted the makers to issue a statement saying: "We wish to emphasize that no personal data whatsoever is being collected." They also say Angela is a chat-bot NOT a real person and no data is shared.

More popular than Twitter? So, we want to know are you or your kids using this app? What do you think of it? Let us know.

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