SOPCHOPPY, Fla. -- Debby is drifting out to sea, but the once-large tropical storm is leaving behind flooded neighborhoods, washed out roads and a sopping mess across Florida.

PHOTOS | Tropical Storm Debby
Tornadoes from Debby

The storm is being blamed for at least three deaths. More than 100 homes and businesses were flooded and officials are warning that the waters may not recede until next week in some places. The storm knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of customers, but most have had electricity restored by now.

In Live Oak, a small city in northern Florida between Tallahassee and Jacksonville, water reached the roofs of homes and completely submerged cars. Elsewhere, residents have been wading throughseveral feet of water to checked out the damage to their homes. One man says the water came in so fast, he and his family were lucky to get anything out.

Florida emergency officials say they expect to be dealing with flooding for the next week.

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