SEATTLE-- A Michigan woman dying of leukemia says she hopes her embarrassment at a Seattle airport security pat-down might change the way the Transportation Security Administration treats travelers with medical conditions.

But in a statement late Tuesday, TSA Northwest Region spokeswoman Lorie Dankers says the agency reviewed video from the security checkpoint where Michelle Dunajwas checked and determined that "screening procedures were followed."

Dunaj says the encounter came as she was departing Seattle on Oct. 2 on what she called an "end of life" trip to Hawaii. She says she had to lift her shirt and pull back bandages in the security line and that an agent punctured a saline bag she was carrying. TSA says "at no point did a TSA officer open the passenger's medically necessary fluids and the passenger was never asked to remove or pull off any bandages."

The woman did not immediately return a call seeking comment on the TSA's response.

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