LOS ANGELES -- Residents remain bundled up and growers in the Central Valley again are taking measures to protect their citrus crops as California's cold snap enters its fourth night.

Alerts predicting freezing temperatures and frost are becoming familiar in much of the state, with new high wind warnings in place for the mountains around Los Angeles beginning early Monday.

In Hollywood, film fans brought heavy coats and scarves as they waited along the red carpet hoping to catch glimpses of stars arriving for the Golden Globes ceremony Sunday night. Some of the actors shivered but they weren't complaining.

Farmers are hoping for another night of successful crop protection, as they run wind machines and water to shield their fruit.

A spokesman for a growers' trade association says so far most orange and lemon crops probably avoided significant damage despite temperatures early Sunday in the high 20s.

He says more sensitive mandarin oranges may have suffered some minimal damage.

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