Dating and digital collide...with annoying results

(WXIA) -- Forty million Americans use online dating services. That's about 40 percent of the single population. According to a Pew Research poll, 81% of people use their phone to send or receive text messages. So, it's no surprise that the dating world and the digital world collide. The results can be less than love at first text.

Omlet is a chat app developed by Stanford students. They just released a survey on what men and women find the most annoying habits in digital flirting. Their findings:

Top 5 'Digital Flirting' turn offs for men:

  1. Funky or very informal spelling (58% disapprove)
  2. Multiple exclamation points in chat messages (47% disapprove)
  3. Lack of punctuation (46% disapprove)
  4. All lower case words (41% disapprove)
  5. Excessive slang (LOL, BRB) (40% disapprove)

Top 5 'Digital Flirting' turn offs for women:

  1. Funky or very informal spelling (73% disapprove)
  2. Lack of punctuation (59% disapprove)
  3. Excessive slang (54% disapprove)
  4. Message during sleeping hours (51% disapprove)
  5. All lower case words (50% disapprove)

Annoying digital habits stretch beyond dating. What are your digital gripes? Share them with us here and on Twitter using #AtlantaAlive.

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