Marty McFly's next gadgets from Georgia Tech

Finding inspiration from 'Back to the Future'

ATLANTA -- The future is now at Georgia Tech as students demo their designs on Oct. 21, 2015.

There's significance in this day. It's also known as "Back to the Future Day" because of its appearance in the futuristic world of Martin McFly in the film.

The exhibitions hint at what the next quarter century could bring, with gadgets and programs on display across two floors at Tech Hall. They're all Tech projects on their way to development.

From Google maps of Mars developed in partnership with NASA to artificial intelligence that replaces a dance coach with light beams:

"Technology is not just something that's going to happen a generation from now. It's happening today," said Georgia Tech professor Charles Isbell.

Wearable technology, including necklaces with data transmitters and a jacket wired with conductive embroidery and lightweight processors represent the next wave in gadgets.

"[Technology] will be like the air. It will be in everything we touch. It will be everything we do. It will be the wall. It will be the phone. It will be the clothes that we wear. It will be everywhere," Isbell said.

The technology will lead to new careers.

"I'm a Dutch fashion tech designer, so basically I am combining engineering with fashion design," said Anouk Wipprecht.

Her fashion-tech designs includes a 3D-printed dress weaved with sensors that trigger bright lights if someone steps too close in to your personal space. It's an example of how technology will move off the screen and deeper in to our lives.

"Our computer to our laptop to our mobile phone to our skin and later in to our body," she said.

Wipprecht will appear as part of a free panel open to the public at Georgia Tech on Thurday and Friday. The event, "Sunbird: A Symposium on the Future of Computing" is on October 22 from 2:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m. and October 23 from 9 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.


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