Rules of engagement | Rush hour survival guide

Some cars are skirting the rules of the road.

ATLANTA - We can get through this new normal together but first we should lay down some ground rules. Watch Atlanta Alive for live traffic updates throughout the morning as the roads fill up.

Don't block the box

The box is the middle of the intersection and blocking that box is one of the easiest ways to cause undue traffic congestion. 11Alive Traffic Tracker Crash Clark and city officials are urging drivers to be mindful when they enter intersections. Also, it's illegal so, avoid getting a ticket and just don't block it.

According to APD, "There will be Atlanta Police officers posted at major intersections across the metro area to ensure the intersections are not block."

Sgt. Warren Pickard said police will be monitoring major intersection during the morning and afternoon rush hours, "Our main streets are Piedmont, Sidney Marcus, along Peachtree. All those streets need to be able to move freely. So we have officers in those areas right now."

He also asks citizens to be courteous, patient, and to obey officers at these intersections, ""You need to pay attention because we are going to have officers at those intersections. We don't want those officers injured. We know everybody has a destination they need to get to and most of us are set to routines, we have one way to travel. You are going to have to deviate from that for a while, but we are going to make sure you get to your destination."

"Don't just try to be the last car in line otherwise you're in the middle of a red light in the middle of an intersection and you're blocking the box," Crash said. Watch the video below for an explanation.

Drive the speed limit, especially on surface streets

We'll all get to wherever we need to go if we all drive sensibly but one little crash can shut down the alternate routes commuters are taking to get around I-85.

Also, it is illegal to speed so don't risk getting a ticket. Kind of like the first guidelines. 

Don't text and drive

Some drivers tend to look at their phones when driving slower and stuck in traffic. Just put the phone down, listen to Atlanta Alive through your speakers, and keep those eyes on the roads.

AGAIN, this is illegal. So, just be safe and don't do it. 

One fender-bender can make thousands of people late for work.

Be Understanding

A little patience can go a long way. 

NOT being understanding isn't illegal, but you know, come on Atlanta. Be nice.


This is not the time for road rage (as if there ever is a time)...we gotta work together. This is just the beginning. The bridge isn't set to reopen until June 15th. 

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