ATLANTA — Fulton County could soon have a brand new jail. The push comes after commissioners toured the existing jail earlier this year, with some comparing the living conditions to third-world countries.

On Wednesday, Fulton County Sheriff Pat Labat made a final plea just moments before entering a commission meeting where leaders discussed a proposal to consider building a new facility.

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“We’re really at a critical point with public safety. Over the years, I’ve seen judges make decisions based on the conditions of jails," explained Sheriff Labat.

Wednesday's proposal asks for a feasibility study to be conducted, which would determine the building's location, cost, and construction. The renewed push comes after the sheriff gave commissioners tours of the jail in February.

“It was deplorable, outdated, our sheriff was handed a situation that I commend him for his ability to run it," said Fulton County Commissioner Khadijah Abdur-Rahman.

The current jail located on Rice Street was opened in 1988 and built for 1400 beds. As of Wednesday, the sheriff said about 300 inmates are sleeping on the floor.