2 Shiloh Middle School students to be charged after guns found on campus

Both the weapons were found, and the students have been identified and criminally charged.

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — School officials say two students will be criminally charged after they were caught with weapons on campus earlier this week.

According to a letter to parents from Shiloh Middle School's principal Eli Welch, staff originally began investigating after they got reports that one student was found with a gun on school grounds. While officials were looking into the situation, however, they learned that a second student was involved.

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According to Gwinnett County School officials, when they contacted the second student's parents, the parents told officials that two guns had been missing from their home.

It turns out, officials said, the second student took the guns from home and gave one of the weapons to his classmate. The student then hid the other gun somewhere on campus, outside the building.

Both the weapons were found, and the students have been identified and criminally charged. Gwinnett County School officials said they will both face disciplinary consequences, as well.

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In the letter to parents, Welch said he was concerned that students would bring weapons from home and bring them to campus. "A gun has no business on a school campus," he said.

Welch went on to say that school administration would always work to act quickly and efficiently in a situation like this, but implored parents to help impress upon their children that bringing a weapon on campus is never OK.

"Please talk to your child about this situation," Welch wrote. "Explain to them that in addition to getting in trouble at school, they also would be breaking the law. In addition, I also ask that if you have weapons at your home that you ensure that your children do not have access to them. As an adult and a gun owner it is your responsibility to keep firearms from falling into the wrong hands... those of our children."

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