Classes to resume Thursday at DeKalb County schools following water main break

The decision came after consulting with local government and health officials, the district said.

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — Officials confirm classes will resume Thursday, after a huge water main break forced more than a dozen schools to close early Wednesday.

Around 6 p.m., the DeKalb County school district announced they would reopen affected schools to students for the March 8 school day.

DeKalb County Schools have encouraged parents to sent students to school with bottles of water as they do not have enough water for all students,

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"The district will bring in water for food preparation, consumption and hand-washing. DCSD is also seeking assistance from business, churches and community partners in providing bottled water for students. Parents are also encouraged to send their child to school with bottled water, if able."

Decatur City Schools will also be providing water bottles for their students, as well as other beverages typically served during lunch but encourage parents to send students to school with water bottles.

The City of Decatur will also be given access to a 6000 gallon water truck to schools in case there is not enough water for students.

“We have been in constant dialogue with our partners at DeKalb County and the DeKalb County Board of Health. Following that consultation, we will reopen our campuses while taking great care to ensure we have a healthy learning environment,” said Superintendent R. Stephen Green.

The decision came after consulting with local government and health officials, the district said.

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In order to keep kids safe, DeKalb County Schools said they will begin flushing toilets and sinks to release water impacted by the boil water. They will also cover sinks and water fountains to keep them from being used as the system is flushed.

For meals, school officials said they would be bringing in water for preparation, consumption and hand washing. They will also provide pre-packaged meals for breakfast and snacks. For lunch, students will get a sandwich, tossed salad and other similar foods.

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Hand sanitizer will be provided throughout the day, as well.

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