Commuter Dude: Bridge congestion frustrates commuters

FORSYTH CO., Ga – Commuters frustrated over congestion on a Forsyth County bridge are hoping the solution lies with changes that are happening down below.

Christin Healy is one of those frustrated drivers who finds issues from one end of the Peachtree Parkway bridge over Georgia 400 to the other.

“I've seen increased volumes coming in both directions,” says Healy. “You can't get anywhere. You can't move.”

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The area of Forsyth County near the Peachtree Parkway bridge is growing. The congestion here is a reflection of that as commuters cross the bridge on their way to Georgia 400.

“I saw a van pull up on the sidewalk on a bridge and drive up along the sidewalk to get around another car,” says Healy.

When southbound traffic clogs on Georgia 400, it jams up the ramp from Peachtee Parkway. Traffic comes to a standstill on the ramp, leading drivers on Peachtree Parkway to block the intersection at the top of the ramp. Traffic then backs up across the bridge so that drivers trying to turn onto Georgia 400 northbound can't move.

The Georgia Department of Transportation recently opened a third southbound lane along Georgia 400 near the bridge. Work continues on an added lane north of Peachtree Parkway. The work should reduce congestion on 400, which should in turn help with traffic on the ramp and traffic across the bridge.

GDOT plans to finish the widening project along Georgia 400 from McFarland Parkway to Highway 20 by April of this year.