Commuter Dude: Parents want light near school

VILLA RICA, Ga—Parents are pushing for a traffic light near Villa Rica High School, but GDOT says the numbers don’t add up.

Instead, the agency is planning changes they say should ease concerns in the area.

Parents and students gathered near the intersection of Bankhead Highway and Rocky Branch Road to express their frustrations.

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“Everybody out here has tried, tried, tried to get a light,” says parent Vickie Hudson.

GDOT says they’ve studied the intersection six times over the last 17 years, and that the numbers don’t add up to a traffic light.

The agency sent 11Alive Commuter Dude the results of the most recent studies. The numbers indicate there is not enough traffic coming and going from Rocky Branch Road to warrant a light. GDOT says there have been ten accidents over the last six years that might have been prevented by a light

A GDOT spokesperson says the agency risks losing funding unless federal guidelines are followed when installing a light.

The agency has agreed to add signs to alert drivers on Bankhead Highway to the crossing traffic near the school.

“Slows down motorists, makes them pay better attention to the intersection they're crossing,” says spokesperson Natalie Dale.

GDOT has agreed to continue watching the intersection as traffic in the area grows.