Commuter Dude: Temporary striping on Peachtree causing confusion

ATLANTA – Commuters say the temporary striping along a three-mile section of Peachtree Street is peeling away in spots, leading to confusion.

Bret Bacon says overall, the new design of Peachtree has helped the flow of traffic. It’s the lack of permanent striping that’s a problem.

“It’s like they got halfway through marking it and realized it was time to move on to something else,” says Bacon.

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It’s been nearly three months since the Georgia Department of Transportation redesigned the section of Peachtree through Buckhead to add a center left turn lane. The purpose is to prevent left turning traffic from blocking traffic.

But the temporary striping that has been in place since last November is starting to peel in some areas. Left turn arrows, in some spots, no longer look like arrows.

The result is some drivers trying to make left hand turns from the wrong lane.

GDOT acknowledges that it’s time for the permanent striping.

“You have to do it in dry weather,” says GDOT’s Natalie Dale. “We’ve had a lot of weather come through. We’ve had wet spells.”

Dale says the delays should end this week.

“We’re going to get the permanent striping down,” says Dale. “We’re going to get those arrows down, which will make it far more understandable. We’ve seen benefits already, those benefits will just continue to multiply.”

Dale says in addition to the permanent striping, the contractor will install new traffic signals at some intersections that will include left turn arrows.