Commuter Dude: Testing kitty litter's impact on your frozen driveway

ATLANTA -- With plenty of winter left, you may be wondering if kitty litter is the most effective way of treating your ice covered driveway.

There are several ways to treat a frozen drive or sidewalk. Commuter Dude Jerry Carnes put some of those methods to the test.

For $5, he bought a 50-pound bag of sand.

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A 25-pound bag of sand is $5.

It's getting difficult to find, but for $6 Commuter Dude found a 12-pound canister of rock salt.

Given time, the salt will melt snow and ice.

The other two methods won't melt the ice, but it will provide some traction.

The kitty litter outperformed the sand when it came to providing traction during Commuter Dude's test.

Watch the video to see the result.