'Everyday hero' | Young girl who saved family from fire given big surprise

She overcame her fear to save her brothers.

A little girl whose heroic actions were credited with rescuing her family received a big surprise on Wednesday.

It was more than a year ago when a fire broke out at LyNila Cain's home. The kids' caregiver had fallen asleep while their mother was at work.

The then-8-year-old girl heard her baby brother coughing and ran next door to get help from a neighbor. She ran back into the burning house to save her brother.

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"I woke up and the house was on fire and I ran out the door because I know the way in and out, so I ran next door and they didn't answer quick, so I ran back in and got my brother, and they came then," Cain said. "And then I called my mama and they called the fire department."

She then told a neighbor where to find her other brother. Everyone made it out of the house OK.

Cain's actions caught the attention of Walmart. Management from the local store visited her class at Slater Elementary on Wednesday and give her a backpack and a gift card.

"I hid it from her, it was hard," Shonkedra Lewis said. "I knew for 4 days and I've been wanting to tell her so bad."

Cain's 4-year-old brother hasn't forgotten that fateful day.

"My baby son that she actually saved, he reminds her once or twice a week, LyNila, do you remember when you saved me from that fire," Lewis said.

Cain said that she learned what to do in first grade.

"If your clothes are on fire, stop, drop, and roll. And when it's on fire, find a way out of the house," she said.