Ga. House bill aims to crack down, raise punishment for hit-and-run drivers

ATLANTA -- Legislation just passed by the Georgia House of Representatives could mean higher penalties for hit-and-run drivers across the state.

According to a media statement, House Bill 765, also known as C.J.'s law, would impose larger punishments for fleeing drivers involved in accidents where there were serious injuries or fatalities.

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The bill is named after Charlie Enrique Jones III who died in a hit and run accident in 2009.

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"I am grateful to my House colleagues for passing this vital legislation and recognizing the weight of hit-and-run accidents," said State Rep. Mable Thomas of Atlanta said.

Thomas sponsored the bill.

"Statutes regarding hit-and-runs have not been updated since 1999 and I hope that this legislation encourages drivers to stop after accidents and have compassion for our families."

The House bill aims to make it so that anyone who unintentionally causes an accident involving serious injury or a fatality and leaves the scene is guilty of a felony and must serve between 1 and 10 years in prison.

The bill now goes to the Senate and, if passed, will proceed to the Governor to await a signature.

You can read the full bill here:

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