Puppy left in Atlanta gym locker, police called to the scene

Police are questioning the person behind the unusual act.

ATLANTA -- An exercise enthusiast in Atlanta is being questioned by police for allegedly placing a puppy in a locker at a local gym.

Atlanta police responded to the L.A. Fitness at the corner of Piedmont Road and Monroe Drive in the Ansley Mall shopping center after learning that a dog had been left in a locker there. A spokesperson for the gym said that police were speaking with the man about the incident.

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Police told 11Alive that they were called to the location around 11:30 a.m. to the report and found the man leaving with the puppy as they arrived. Police have since learned that he was touring the facility before joining and left the small puppy in a locker during that time.

According to a statement from the gym, the animal was initially spotted by a gym member and reported to the front desk. The small puppy was apparently left in the locker while its owner was working out in the facility.

Upon being noticed by the other gym member, they got the puppy out within 10 minutes of him being placed in the locker. Inside, they found that the little pup had food, water and toys - and wasn't harmed.

"My dog was taken care of - I took care of my dog - and it was just a misunderstanding," the puppy's owner said.

Despite that, Atlanta police charged the suspect with violation of a city ordinance regarding cruelty to animals upon speaking with the department's animal cruelty liaison.

"It doesn't matter how it looks, I can't help that, you know, the situation towards factual and what really occurred instead of just something that another person just looked to hear or see," the owner said.

He added that it would be nice if they had a place for dogs at the gym while owners exercise.