Instagram beef between businesses escalates into shooting

An off-duty officer pursued the fleeing suspect who allegedly opened fire on him, police said.

ATLANTA - A suspect is in custody after police say he shot one man in Little 5 Points and then fired at a pursuing Atlanta officer, all because of a beef that started on Instagram.

According to Atlanta police spokesperson Stephanie Brown, the shooting happened at 9:36 p.m. on Thursday in the 1100 block of Euclid Avenue following some sort of dispute between two men.

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The dispute was allegedly between two rival tattoo parlors in the area.

The businesses had originally began smack-talking on Instagram that later escalated into the physical altercation and then ended in a shooting.

An off-duty Atlanta police sergeant was in the area working an extra job when he noticed the fight and then saw one of the men, 38-year-old Keith Wood, shoot the other.

The officer began to chase Wood through an alleyway and was allegedly fired upon but not hit. The suspect was caught a short time later behind the Wrecking Bar and police were also able to locate a gun.

The shooting victim was taken to Atlanta Medical Center with a gunshot wound to the thigh. He was "alert, conscious and breathing" at the time he was moved from the scene according to Officer Brown.

Kahle Davis, President of the Little 5 Points Business Association says this isn't the first time this has happened,

"This is the second time in a week that we had a personal beef, become a breach of peace and it's a problem and I'm not a big fan of that sort of thing. It wasn't an armed robbery or anything, it was just a couple of guys that had a beef."

“We have had, evidently, a total of 4 knuckleheads who decided to have some sort of beef and start shooting about it. I’m not a big fan. I have been hanging out here since 1991, I haven’t been shot yet. I have been hanging out here for a very long time, this is a safe neighborhood. In fact, the crime stats will show you that this is safer than Sandy Springs. But, when two people have a personal beef, it’s going to get on the news.”