Driver charged in death of child who was struck while walking to school bus

The incident happened near the intersection of Rays Road and Central Drive.

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga-- Police have charged the driver of a vehicle that struck and killed an 8-year-old girl who was walking to the school bus.

The accident happened on Feb. 16. Police said Tluang Tha Men was in her mother's arms as they crossed the street when they were hit by a Nissan Rogue at the intersection of Rays Road and Central Drive.

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The child was transported to the hospital where she later died; her mother injured her hip.

The driver, Ejigayheu Tsegaye, remained at the scene, police said.

“She did have the green light at this time but the bus was stopped,” DeKalb County police spokesperson Lonzy Roberts said.

More than a week later, on Feb. 26, police announced that Tsegaye was charged with first degree homicide by vehicle, passing/overtaking a school bus, and two counts of failure to yield to pedestrian at a crosswalk.

Tsegaye was not in custody as of Monday afternoon.

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