Verify: Does Georgia rank high in gun violence?

We're verifying how Georgia really compares to other states when it comes to gun violence

ATLANTA -- How violent is Georgia when it comes to gun violence?

A commentary site called 24/7 Wall St. rated our state seventeenth in the country. It took its data directly from the Centers for Disease Control and prevention.

The website looked at suicide versus homicides and how many people in the state carry weapons. So we pulled up the CDC's information ourselves.

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In the entire United States, there were more than 38,000 gun deaths in 2016. That's the most recent data available.

Here in Georgia, we had 1,571 gun deaths that year but more than half of them were suicides at 871. The data for all states are publicly accessible on the CDC's website.

So, we have verified that 24/7 Wall Street's claim that Georgia ranks seventeenth as TRUE.

The state with the most gun violence is Alaska and the state with the least is Massachusetts.



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