Boy with aggressive tumor has one wish - and world is granting it

Since his story ran on 11Alive, ornaments have poured in from around the world for little Brantley.

ATLANTA -- Every day, more Christmas spirit is filling the house and the Dobbs feel the support in every box that arrives.

Brantley doesn’t have a lot of energy these days – the battle with his brain tumor is fierce – but he finds strength to open every gift and is so excited to see what’s inside.

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“We’ve been busy,” volunteer coordinator for Hospice Atlanta, Ann Serrie, said. “We’ve gotten lots of packages.”

Brave Conquers Fear: Local boy with tumor asks for ornaments to bring joy to his family

The organization has stacks of boxes, piles of encouragement.

“Each day that the story has grown we’ve gotten more in packages. And, last night, we got a lot of flowers,” Serrie said. “Brantley’s story, as sad as it is, has also brought a lot of joy because of the recognition of celebrating his little life – and his big life, now, with all this recognition from around the world.”

Hospice Atlanta’s in-patient unit charge nurse, Cecilia Smith, said that recognition included contact from many people including an elementary school teacher in China and a guidance counselor in Japan.

Volunteers are sorting through all the gifts so that they can take them to Brantley. The spirit of Christmas is love. And that is exactly what the Dobbs family feels.

“People that have donated these gifts to Brantley – that it shows the goodness that is out there in this world,” Serrie said. “It’s some little joy in this child’s life and it just shows that there are so many good people everywhere.”