'The Voice's' Nick Hagelin to dance in Sugarloaf Ballet's 'Beauty and the Beast'

Great stories don't only play out on a TV or movie, even in books.

Great stories don't only play out on a TV or movie, even in books.

A non-profit arts group in Suwanee is nurturing young talent on the stage, preparing to entertain audiences this weekend with a family favorite: Beauty and the Beast.

“The Beast starts as a pompous prince who needs to learn a lesson in humility and how to open his heart and be more loving and gracious," Nick Hagelin, who performs the role of Sugarloaf Ballet Company's Beast, said. "It’s a big production for this wonderful nonprofit organization here, we have over 70 young dangers. Sugarloaf is known for inspiring excellence in performing artists.

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Hagelin is back to his roots in the ballet.

"It's sort of a full circle experience for me because I started as a very young dancer in productions of The Nutcracker when I was as young as 4-years-old and that’s what inspired me to pursue an entire career in the performing arts.”

Dancer, actor, Hagelin is also a singer whose talents landed him in the top 10 on “The Voice.”

His son, Bash, was next to him then and now.

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Bash was born with a rare condition named arthrogyposis. He had stiff joints, weak muscles and could not bend his elbows or knees. There were surgeries, painful splits and therapy.

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He’s also the perfect behind-the-curtain tour guide, occasionally accompanying his dad during rehearsals.

Sugarloaf Ballet Company’s production of Beauty and the Beast is this weekend at the Infinite Energy Theater. Ticket information is available here.