MARTA: 'Door faults' caused by heavy ridership led to long delays post-Championship

As the game ended attendees flooded the MARTA stations to get home, an apparent mechanical issues slowed down the process.

It started as an already crazy day for commuting, thanks to a College Football National Championship, a presidential visit and icy roads, apparently ended the same way.

Thousands had packed the Mercedes-Benz Stadium to watch Georgia take on Alabama for the Championship title, and as the game ended attendees flooded the MARTA stations to get home. But an apparent mechanical issues slowed down the process.

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According to MARTA, multiple trains had "door faults caused by heavy ridership," and crowded platforms and rail cars. MARTA said in some cases, riders manually activated emergency devices on the trains, and at least two customers suffered medical emergencies. The result was a ripple effect along the north and southbound Red and Gold lines that led to long delays. At least one of those issues was at the Peachtree Center station. The east-west line was unaffected.

Because of the delay, MARTA said they were extending rail service until all customers make it to their destination.

That didn't stop riders from taking to Twitter out of frustration. Video from one user showed riders packed inside a stationary train while a crowd waits on the platform on the other side.

Another post shows the train doors of one MARTA car opening and closing multiple times, while a sea of people wait to board. Finally, the train takes off from the platform to cheers and applause.

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It appears trains started moving again just before 2 a.m.

11Alive has reached out to MARTA for an additional statement on the post-game issues. They acknowledged the issues saying, "While longer wait times are inevitable during major events even with the higher service levels we put into place for such events, we deeply regret the additional inconvenience that many of our riders experienced last night."

They further promised they are committed to "getting it right."