ATLANTA -- Everyone has seen the commercials from Atlanta based attorney Gary Martin Hays and Associates.

What people may not know is Hays also has a non-profit called "Keep Georgia Safe," with the sole purpose of protecting and educating children.

On Thursday, November 5, Hays will help make 30 students published authors.

Hays told 11Alive how he met with a group of students at Greater Atlanta Christian School. The students had been given an assignment to write an essay on what they would if they were in charge, having to deal with the problems which are facing our country or world and how would you solve them.

Hays thought that sounded like a good idea for a book.

So, working with the kids, he offered to help them collectively author a book. The release party for the book, titled: "If I Were In Charge," will take place at Greater Atlanta Christian on Thursday.

Along with the publication, five of the 30 students will be receiving a $1,000 scholarships from Hays.

The book, which is available on Amazon, was published for free, with all sales being donated to the Salvation Army.