ATLANTA — Sheerio fans from Atlanta are gearing up for the ultimate Ed Sheeran experience.

The pop music sensation announced that he will have small merchandise shops all around the United States on Friday, July 12.

 After teasing these limited promotional stores with an Instagram post, fans across the world are expressing their excitement. 

The release of his latest single with Justin Bieber called "I Don't Care," has been a huge hit, receiving over 372 million streams on Spotify. The single was released to tease fans about other collaborations to expect on the upcoming album. Fans should expect to hear Camila Cabello, 50 Cent, Chance the Rapper, Bruno Mars, and others. 

This album is titled "No. 6 Collaborations Project" as a nod to his first E.P. titled No. 5 Collaborations. Sheeran tends to maintain themes within his album releases, with his other albums being a series of math symbols (e.g. X, +, and ÷) so No.6 is the perfect addition. 

Fans will be on the lookout soon for a new tattoo to commemorate this album as well. Aside from being famous for his enchanting voice, Sheeran is also known for his ginger hair and tattoos covering most of his upper body. 

He seems to get a new tattoo in honor of everything he loves, and every album he creates, and will likely get another tattoo to add to the 60+ he already has. 

These shops are popping up to promote the new album at midnight Thursday. 

As a nod to the new album title, each of the small merchandise shops will begin allowing fans to come in at 3:06 p.m. until 9:06 p.m. this evening. 


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